Rotech-09 Feet Packaged Steering System

Price: $170.95
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Rotech™ Steering System Uflex Rotary Steering Systems Packaged In a Box A convenient kit form, especially suitable as replacement steering, that includes helm, bezel and cable. The cable is available in 1-ft increments.  Need help with choosing the right steering system then go here (See how to choose the correct length when ordering). The Rotech I come with (1) T71FC Helm, (1) X34 90°  or  X35 - 2bezel and (1) M66 Steering Cable.

Uflex Rotary Steering Systems Packaged In a Box. Whats in the box Includes 1 ea: Rotech™ Steering System, T71FC - helm, X34 - 90° or X35 20° bezel and one M66 - steering cable.

Featuring the T71FC helm with a Planetary Gear Design, the Rotech reduces steering effort and delivers more balanced loads on the steering wheel. This unique design also offers a wider wear area which reduces lost motion and improves durability. Centered on the main drive shaft, this helm requires less room behind the dash and is a direct “drop in” replacement for competing system; requiring no new holes for installation.
The Rotech package also includes the M66 Universal Rotary Steering Cable with stainless steel output fittings for maximum longevity and smooth steering.

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