Ultraflex B302B W/X75 Dual Lever Dual Action

Price: $615.95
  • SKUB302BX75
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This Ultraflex B302BX75 Dual lever dual action control operates both shift and throttle. Suitable for any type of boat with outboard, inboard or I/O power plants. If needing dual lever order the B302CR. Also available is the Chrome Nob Package. This control is for use with all Ultraflex control cables except C4 Series. COntrol includes X12 Safety Switch and Connection kit K-59. Ultraflex C5, C16, Mach5 cables require connection kit K60 and C36 and Mach36 cables require K62 Kit. C22 cables require the K61 Kit. All kits are available in the Control accessories catagory.
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